Do It Gwyny P!

Gwyneth P

Ummm…….why, oh why is Gwyneth P.  really just killin the cover of “W” as if they told her that if she didn’t they would end her life.  W Magazine seems to always have the most amazing cover shots but precious Jesus, this is sick.  I guess thats what happens when you shoot out some babies(parasites).  GODDESS…….hmmp……Indeed.

J lo

Then we have J.Lo, and I know all of you fashn-o-files out there have seen this picture over and over and over until you’ve wanted to do yourself bodily harm, but come on.  Jenny from the block is givin the Fashion Rocks people their moneys worth….OKAAAY!  And she is totally owning that D&G metal demi-corset,  Dolce and Gabana better be greatful…..that kinda “pub” cost baby.  Do it Miss Lo.


2 responses to “Do It Gwyny P!

  1. Do It! is right! Gwyneth is iight, yes i said iight. But j.Lo is killing it. When they going scoop j.Lo for the cover of W.

  2. That belt is killa! I need a moment.

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