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So, um, yea………..Johnny’s been spit shinnin it up lately and usin a lil’ product in his hair, and by golly, HE’S DOIN IT!!!  Here he is at the VH1 Save the Music Foundation Gala.  I mean really, some soap, clean clothes, a visit to Darque Tan and voila, instant man-chic.    Such a beautiful chocolate 2 piece with a lite print woven button down and a smart splash-o-color using a tie with a rosy hue.  Oh yea babeh’.  Let’s not have a relapse Johnny boy.  Now give us FACE!!!





Mmmmm, that smells niiiice

This is just for you my beauties.  The wonderful people over at Estee Lauder have released into the ozone a “jummy” new fragrance, lovingly called “Estee Lauder Private Collection”.  Supposedly, Estee Lauder, for which the company was named, used to give this potion to only her closest friends and now her grand daughter, Aerin, is reviving it in honor of her legendary grandmother.  The nostalgic “Private Collection” 2.5 oz bottle and solid parfum compact are bedecked with semiprecious stones.  Also available are 2.5 and 1 ounce Eau de Parfum bottles and a luxurious tuberose body creme……fashionable huh???  Get it…………NOW!!!


Pay Attention Puppets!!!

Well in the wake of  Fashion Week 07′, the powers that be are moving us in a new direction,  the one shoulder dress.  Don’t get me wrong or anything, it’s “haute”, I mean so hot,  but I just know that whatever the fashion god’s want, their will shall be done.   So get with the program my fash-no-philes and bow down……….I say bow down.

One of my fav designers, Proenza Schouller, with a belted black one-sy

Twinkle’s criss cross satine mesh one-sy with some mod peek-aboo booties

Even my #1 pick for “women I’d like to stalk” Beyonce, is on board with this beautiful powder gray, sequined gown with a delicate sash that crosses the shoulder, which I believe makes it a what class…………yeeess,  a one-sy…a 1st class one-sy.  I’m sure this was designed by Mommy Knowles.

“Haute” Tunes: JT and the whhh-ite suit

I will now defy the powers that be and post Justin Timbly-flakes video for Lovestoned.  Why am I posting this???  Becuz…………..I like wearin’ the whhh-ite and I’m tired of people tellin me that I don’t have the right to wear the white pants and when here he is wearin’ the whhh-ite. And don’t tell me none of that crap like,  “oh no, no no,  he’s actually wearin’ a white suit”.  WHITE IS WHITE!!! 

Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned

Zefron gives serious face…DO IT ZEF!!!

I have a confession to make my fash-no-files.   I really enjoy “High School Musical” ……..okay okay,  I’m morbidly obsessed almost to the point of needing to be institutionalized and observed in a lab by 40 year old virgin nerds.  I mean, honestly……I’m 25.  So with that bein’ said,  I had to highlight Zac Efron.  Whoever his stylist is needs a raise.  There’s so much man-chic goin on in these pics that I’m gonna EXCUSE ‘them raggedy’ Jesus sandals.




Here’s Zef with the bodacious and thickums honey dip, Nicky Blonsky in a glossy chocolate brown polka dot dress with some sweet peek-a-boo open toe heels, oh God I wish they would make some babies 2gether.


Fashion Week NYC is here!!!!!!!!!!! Ooh yea, talk dirty too me!

So my beauteuous fash-no-files,  I know I’m a tad late on the postins’ but get over it, Z’maji’s been busy.  Now I’m gonna post the things that I’M feelin’ so if you want to see the others you need to go to the Fashion Week site yo’self.  When you become the moderator of THE hottest fashion blog online then you can call the shots, but remember, I am THE Fashion Authority, KNOW THIS!!! So I won’t waste time,  let GLITTERLUST begin.  N’Joi chil’drens

J. Mendell’s glam fantasy




Verrier’s glossy creations


Malandrino’s flirty frocks


DKNY’s “haute” procession




Rodarte’s shimmer and shine



Diane Von Furstenberg and her billowing beauties



Proenza Schouler sassy sheaths


Peter Som


Sari Gueron


Tracy Reese



Michael Kors


And a little bit-o-man chic


                     Z Zegna                                        Phillip Lim


           Michael Kors                                       Michael Kors

More 2 come but I’m overdosin’ over here.

“Haute” Models: Reminding us why we need Plastic Surgery



Jason Danza