Oh My Accessory Providin’ Jesus

So…errrr, um, Dolce & Gabana and the metallic demi-corset or metal belt or whatever you want to call it….it is the must have. What’s funny is that the only celeb that I’ve seen wearing this envied piece is Beyonce, I mean Eva….Nicole…..please, get on it!!! Of course the be-u-tea-furl people at D&G have put the price at a measley $8500……….heffa’ say what?!?! Honestly, if you’re one of my fabulous fash-no-files, you will see no problem in spending serious change for a work of art, of course I’m sure that there will be a rise in armed robbery and street walkin’………………I mean we gotta get the money for this friggin thang somehow!!! Now let us partake in GLITTERLUST!!! my body doth shiver.


Oh Giselle, why must you put so many others to shame, O-mi-GOD and of course the woman who is soon to impregnant me with her precious babies………..


*crosses fingers* There’s no place like Beyonce, there’s no place like Beyonce………



One response to “Oh My Accessory Providin’ Jesus

  1. Sista Godess Diva Friend

    I’m planning on selling my blood and “waitressing” at the local “dance” club for this belt. Anybody want some Grade A, untainted, 100% African blood!

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