Puberty Rocks: Shia Lebeouf


And thank God for it. I’m aware that this is totally and completely random, but Shia Lebeouf, my personal hero, and Tinsly-towns new it guy, has totally made a 360 and now is giving other Hollywood leads a run for their cash.

WOW!!! Now thats how you work to get endorsements folks. Of course thats a long way from……..well………….this.


I mean puberty……and y’know sinful groupie fornication is to blame for that new acne free complex-tion and shine-ty new man chic’ness, I’m sure he’s been gettin it on the regular ,  tsk tsk what would “sweet baby Jesus” think???  What an amazing transformation………….. Oooo, transformation, y’know like cuz he was in “Transformers”, I totally didn’t mean to do that but I did………………Don’t judge me.


2 responses to “Puberty Rocks: Shia Lebeouf

  1. He’s a total babe, too bad I’m twice his age. Totally adorable! How do you flip your car? I could teach him how to drive-lol

  2. ^^I don’t know Jeannie, but he needs a good spanking and I think you’re just the lady to give it to him!

    – Moderator Z’maji

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