……..A MESS!!!: Lauryn’s mistake


You know what?  I don’t care if Lauryn is crazy and she’s threatened to eat her young, her new psychotic style is so friggin ar’some.  I mean theres a lot going on, but come on we’ve seen this kinda heavy layering and especially those earrings in our fave editorials…………. so I guess you’re wondering why then I put her down as………….A MESS!?!?!?   Well, love or not, I gotta draw the line at viper queen drag make-up, we will not uphold such TOM-FOOLERY & BALLY-HOO……….we will not children……….we will not!!!


One response to “……..A MESS!!!: Lauryn’s mistake

  1. Sista Godess Diva Friend

    The correct term is a “Haute” mess…Lauren can do no wrong.

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