“Haute” Tunes: Yippee!!! A Two-fer

The 1st tune is the tender-lipped yummy, Brandi Carlile with “The Story”.  Of course, the song makes me feel all angsty (that’s not a word) and I want cut myself, but her “haute” little blazer numbers scream of jummy ensembles to come.  It says “I wear lipstick but when you’re not lookin’…………………I’m wearin’ a tool belt and work boots”.  The 2nd is my egg donor, the Be-youn-say (yes……yes I did).  I know its a cliche to have a Beyonce post on a fashion blog, but this video “Upgrade U” is filled with deli-shu-us little frocks made of seemingly sumptuous fabrics, but c’mon multiple costume changes and luxury vehicles…….I couldn’t resist.  More tunes to come.  N’joi.   

Brandi Carlile



One response to ““Haute” Tunes: Yippee!!! A Two-fer

  1. Sista Goddess Diva Friend

    I’m diggin’ the video… one note though. The car is great and grand and all…but why, why, why is she dancing in the trunk of the car. It’s a bit disturbing if you ask me.

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