Zefron gives serious face…DO IT ZEF!!!

I have a confession to make my fash-no-files.   I really enjoy “High School Musical” ……..okay okay,  I’m morbidly obsessed almost to the point of needing to be institutionalized and observed in a lab by 40 year old virgin nerds.  I mean, honestly……I’m 25.  So with that bein’ said,  I had to highlight Zac Efron.  Whoever his stylist is needs a raise.  There’s so much man-chic goin on in these pics that I’m gonna EXCUSE ‘them raggedy’ Jesus sandals.




Here’s Zef with the bodacious and thickums honey dip, Nicky Blonsky in a glossy chocolate brown polka dot dress with some sweet peek-a-boo open toe heels, oh God I wish they would make some babies 2gether.



One response to “Zefron gives serious face…DO IT ZEF!!!

  1. thats my bby

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