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“HAUTE” Goodies: Calvin Klein’s ‘MAN’ and ‘Steel’

Calvin Klein does the fool this season with fabulous new ads that glorify masculine beauty.

1st is the breathtaking adver-mercial for the fragrance ‘MAN’, it sho’ll smell good to me!  It features model Garrett Neff in a desert paradise draped in peices from the fall CK line. 



2nd is the ad campaign for his comfy new line of men’s skivies, Steel.  It marks the 25th anniversary of Calvin Klein underwear and brings Oscar nominee, Djimon Hounsou, back to his roots in fashion.  Hopefully this will revive his too short modeling career, black is beautiful babeh!!!  Look below to see the beautiful models in CK undies at the actual anniversary party,  Calvin… naughty!



-Z’maji,  “why madam, your underthangs are showin”


“HAUTE” Mama: Monica B’s sweet goldilocks


The most fabulous piece of fine feminine fortitude to ever cross the Atlantic, Monica Bellucci, is on the cover of the November edition of Vanity Fair-Italy.  Someone’s been eatin’ their Wheaties!  The Italian vixen pouts her way through a breathtaking layout in black nylons and a very lucky white sheet……pose Monica….do it baby.  Monica, blonde is your friend,  eat your heart out Kate Moss……….you know she’s hungry too.

    normal_03.jpg            normal_06.jpg

-Z’maji, “mmm, I-talian, my faaav’rite”

“Haute” Goodies: Shiny Candy Coated Thangs

Patent leather is the “bidniss” this fall and if you don’t know this I’m disappointed in your existence…….so end it…..end it now…………………….JUST KIDDING*cheeze*…….or am I? 


Loafer style Christian Louboutin shoe boots(booties) in cobalt with signature red sole

Whether it be a killer shoe, an embossed belt or a ridiculous clutch,  designers are offering a candy colored assortment of temptingly tantilizing tasty peices(5 times fast…NOW).  Theres something for every fashion obsessed sycophant and yes that means YOU.  You know what that Hallmark card saaaays, “If you wanna be somebody, if you wanna go somewhere, you better wake up and……….get down to SAKS and spend that rent cash on some patent leather Christian Louboutin pumps”……….thats how I remember that quote anyway.  *wink*

-Z’maji  “does SAKS take food stamps?”


Dolce & Gabana patent leather high-tops in black and marigold


Cannage patent bootie with brass hardware by Dior


Paul Smith patent leather rabbit sneakers


Dolce & Gabana patent leather billfold wallet with antiqued silver logo


The mirrored B. Fendi patent leather large satchel


Versace extra large frame bag with polished metal hardware and chain link straps


Patent leather corset belt by Alexander Mcqueen, my favorite, mm-mm-good!

Get your fix:  &

HAUTE Tunes: Kylie – Showgirl’s Glam Revenge

Oh yea babeh!!!  It’s Kylie. Back and healthy as a horse……..a sex-zy bedazzled horse, with a couture side saddle and matching bridle.  The showgirl mounts a baby grand, oozing Marilyn Monroe, in a black knee length dress with strategically placed slits that reveal a shiny gold leotard,  JAZZ HANDS PEOPLE.  Later, she struts head on into the camera in a futuristic catsuit and shakes her bon bon………..I guess thats what happens when you beat terminal illness,  you come out hotter than when you went in.  Go Kylie!!!

-Z’maji  “she ‘make’ me feel juicy…….on the inside part”

“HAUTE”: Kate Moss assaulted with a bottle of Peroxide…SECURITY?!?!


Bleach Blonde never looked more top drawer(mu-ha-ha) than the November issue of I-D magazine with Katey and her naughty blonde ambition.  The spread has her draped in her own “TopShop” designs and towering stilts in what appears to be a hotel room defiled by wild, cocaine soaked relations…… classy….how filthy gorgeous.  She discusses her life, career, and break up with Pete Doherty, somebody praise Jesus for her deliverance, whew.  All I want to see ol’ girl do is give face and pose.  Bleached blondes have more fun than real blondes anyway.  Give it to us Kate.

-Z’maji “mmm, bleach”



“Haute” Models: The beautiful people are judging you

Feast your unworthy vision on this fresh faced, high-fashion wonder destined for greatness. Zach Burns is the type of male model scouts search for with relentless determination.  He breaths life into the simplest photo yet still captures a strong yet quiet grace.  His work is astoundingly captivating and refreshing.  You can also follow along with him on his personal blog and witness his determination and drive for excellence.  I see an artist on the rise.

Website:                                                                              ModelMayhem:                    ModelLaunch:





“HAUTE”: James mugs it for The Vogue….Pose Jamie!!!

James Franco busts open a sack of man-pretty for the cover of Vogue Paris Hommes International, which dubs him the new James Dean.   I mean I definately can see some “Rebel Without a Cause” happening on the cover.  Watch ol’ Franco do the ciggie smokin’, Boulevard strollin, club hoppin’ Hollywood kid bit… “Haute”.  See James smoke, see James stroll, see James target the Hollywood elite in the crosshairs of his high power  terrorist riffle… chic…….what fun.