“Haute” Mama: Kerry’s Butter Pecan Thigh Meat….Syrup Anyone???

Kerry Washington was a vision of Sugary Brown D’lisuousity(that’s not a word) showin off some sweet thigh meat at the recent VH1 Hip-Hop Honors event.  I would have done a red carpet recap buuuut most everybody else looked “A GOOD OLE’ STANKY MESS”. 

However my girl Kerry never seems to disappoint and continues to prove that she is a true red carpet stunner.  This is such a smart choice of mix & match with her subdued hair & makeup lending the perfect touch to let the outfit standout. 



 Ladies always remember if you’re wearing a busy or crazy ensemble, hair and makeup cannot be over the top.  Choose one or the other lest you look like some little girl playing in mommy’s closet.  Don’t be afraid to clash a few colors,  it’ll be alright…….of course you’d better do it as well as Ms. Kerry here or I shall mercilessly insult you until you’re collapsed in a corner in the fetal position………but hey, no pressure *cheeeeeze*




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