“Haute” Goodies: Striking FEAR into your daddy’s credit cards

In honor of my hero or rather my heroine (thats woman hero, not evil syringe candy) Kristopher Dukes,  I shall now proceed to post my 1st goodies showcase.  As a responsible fashno-phile, I have an obligation to show you all, my beauties, the D’Lishuous “HAUTE” goodies available for your purchas’ment……and of course that is not a real word in the Queen’s English………..God save her……………the Queen…..

For the “haute” divas,  I’ve found a beautiful Oxford platform pump in a sumptuous charcoal,  mm-hmmm yes,  who knew that charcoal would ever be so friggin ‘jummy’.  That’s 4″ of heel baby to stomp all over the men-folk.  I just hope you have the girl-ballz like Ms.  Kristopher Dukes to pull it off………..tee hee, girl-ballz……that’s funny



And I’m no douche baggie that would forget the fellas, so since I hate clashing labels (sorry you label whores) I have a manly white loafer by who…..oh yes, Mr. Marc Jacobs.  I love these shoes becuz they can be dressed up or down and they go with any and everything.  I suggest every man get one…….in every color.  Do This……NOW




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