“Haute” Tunes: ‘Goldfrapp’ Glamour

You’re in for a real treat my tasty beauties. Todays “Haute” Tune is from the fashion mavens ‘Goldfrapp’ called “Let It Take You”, the video however is just a fan video by a really talented guy named “jimbawb” ( yee haaaaa) on YOUTUBE. 1st of all, I am a psychotic fiend for Goldfrapp(touch me)2ndly this video isn’t even the official one and its better than anything I’ve ever seen out there. It make’ me feel all tingly and d’lishuous inside…..deeeep in my tummy…….so…….Just let it take you…..

P.S. Get thee to YOUTUBE and check out more of GoldFrapp and good ole’ “jimbawb”

GoldFrapp – Let It Take You


2 responses to ““Haute” Tunes: ‘Goldfrapp’ Glamour

  1. oh, i love goldfrapp too.
    alison is so chic.


  2. Yes Abby, yes she is.

    -Z’maji – Moderator

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