“HAUTE” Goodies: Calvin Klein’s ‘MAN’ and ‘Steel’

Calvin Klein does the fool this season with fabulous new ads that glorify masculine beauty.

1st is the breathtaking adver-mercial for the fragrance ‘MAN’, it sho’ll smell good to me!  It features model Garrett Neff in a desert paradise draped in peices from the fall CK line. 



2nd is the ad campaign for his comfy new line of men’s skivies, Steel.  It marks the 25th anniversary of Calvin Klein underwear and brings Oscar nominee, Djimon Hounsou, back to his roots in fashion.  Hopefully this will revive his too short modeling career, black is beautiful babeh!!!  Look below to see the beautiful models in CK undies at the actual anniversary party,  Calvin…..how naughty!



-Z’maji,  “why madam, your underthangs are showin”


3 responses to ““HAUTE” Goodies: Calvin Klein’s ‘MAN’ and ‘Steel’

  1. what are the names of the songs on the playlist for this page?

  2. oohh wow impressive!!

  3. leandro ferrer


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