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HAUTE Designers: Sell yo’ mama for a Dolce&Gabbana wardrobe

If it wouldn’t blaspheme God almighty,  I think that I would worship at the throne of D&G.  I have been obsessed with this fashion house since I was 13 when I saw a pair of their leopard print jeans(don’t judge me) that I lusted for with sinful fervor. Every year I’m excited to see what they’ve put into play.  Even tho’ I’m no label whore,  I still have my favorite major designers and D&G excites me beyond understanding,  it’s really quite pitiful, mm-hmm………………………………………..I’m seekin professional help, pray for me.  Check their SS-08′ show at Milan fashion week.  The models is just “sick-nin”             

 -Z’maji, “Yeah, Uhhh…….my mother…..isn’t…really….heeere……..right now”

                                              Dolce&Gabbana SS-08′ (p1)

                                              Dolce&Gabbana SS-08′ (p2)


HAUTE Designers: Rami Kashou Storms Fashiondom

 With a stint in the 15 minute fame lane for being on Project Runway, a new Ready-To-Wear line for Spring/Summer 08′, and A list clients such as Jessica Alba, Fergie & Tyra Banks, Rami Kashou is KIL-LING-IT!  What’s funny is, he’s actually been producing his own line since 2001, but Project Runway has pushed him to the forefront. His peices are classically sophisticated and glamourus with unconventional twists, it makes for beautiful shapes that are unparalleled. I believe the key to his genius is his grasp of drapping the female body, no one drapes high quality fabric like Rami Kashou. He’s quickly becoming the new giant in fashion. Now drool puppets……DROOL I SAY!!!

-Z’maji, “Yes I spent the rent money on a Rami Kashou original”                                   

                                 Couture Remi Kashou gowns



                           From the Spring/Summer 08′ collection



                                  Ready-To-Wear Goodies from the 07′ collection


Get more Rami at:

HAUTE Style: Listen To Your Mommy, Wear Your Galoshes

                                  Rubber rain boots by Victoria Secret


It rained bloody murder here in Houston all weekend,  talk about a “HEAVY FLOW DAY”, honestly!  To protect those perfectly pedicured tootsies, get yourself a pair of All-Weather boots.  They’re a fun and cute solution on those D’lishuous cold fall rainy days.  I mean you can’t risk water damaging your ‘Louboutins’.  So just grab a simple black umbrella(ella-ella-eh-eh-eh), a pair of waterproof boots, hit the boulevard and tell mother nature to suck it!  You’re still Haute!!!

 -Z’maji, “Raindrops keep fallin on my head……..God I hate that song”

                        Chooka ‘Sailor City’ rain boot from


                                                 RAIN BOOTS FROM NEIMANNS


                                                               Kate Spade


                                                     Burberry Novacheck


                                                       Burberry Knit Cuff


…A MESS!!! – Oprah’s Gone Blind

Somebody at the Oprah show needs to be terminated and I don’t mean ‘lose their job’, I mean ‘homicided’ by Arnold’s alter ego The Terminator.  This horrid two peice that consists of a turtleneck and sailor pants, of a modal and spandex blend by Rachel Pally somehow found its way onto Oprah’s lust-worthy Favorite Things list this year.  My gag reflex is in overdrive just writing about this, in a minute I’m going to have to induce vomiting just for relief.  I’m sure there will be quite a bit of re-gifting and Ebay postings for these.  Horrible Grandmother……….Horrible!!!


 -Z’maji, “I hope Oprah doesn’t send her flying monkeys to kill me”

HAUTE Tunes: Roisin Murphy Is Psycho & Boy Does It Turn Me On!

                                              Roisin Murphy – Let Me Know

No one turns out quaint British family eateries like Roisin.  Watch her storm into a cafe in silver demi boots, draped in retro chic(and an ‘old skool’ clear slicker) and freak a booth for 4 with her carefree sex kitten antics,  “Madame are you going to order anything or just terrorize our patrons?” Check her weilding that sparkler, bad girl!  Good shoes.

-Z’maji, “I’m sorry,  I thought you said Roisin…………oh you did???”

HAUTE Shotz: Andrew Burmeister Is A Peeping Tom, God Bless Him


V Man Magazine is featuring a really awesome portfolio of Andrew Burmeisters work of candid backstage photos at the 2008 spring/summer fashion shows. I’ve become someone who is intrigued by photographers and their point of view. It really is amazing how you go from looking at just a picture to recognizing different photographic artists personal style in picture taking.  The shots are beautiful to me because I’m facinated by random and real, actual life. Maybe it’s also because of the high regard in which we hold models. I hope you all can enjoy them too.

-Z’maji, “Always wash thoroughly when preparing to model underthangs”









HAUTE Tunes: Spice Girl Cougars Turn Me On!!!

The Spice Girls have returned older and hotter than ever.  I mean it’s not like they are  ‘gummin’ apple sauce or prunes but I mean I was a preteen when they were last hot.  I’m excited, hot older women rockin’ high-fashion duds and writhing around in a trashy loft apartment just does something for me…..anybody???

Spice Girls – Headlines

Z’maji, “Could the movie Spice World 08′ be far behind? Oh please God let it be”