…A MESS!!! – Oprah’s Gone Blind

Somebody at the Oprah show needs to be terminated and I don’t mean ‘lose their job’, I mean ‘homicided’ by Arnold’s alter ego The Terminator.  This horrid two peice that consists of a turtleneck and sailor pants, of a modal and spandex blend by Rachel Pally somehow found its way onto Oprah’s lust-worthy Favorite Things list this year.  My gag reflex is in overdrive just writing about this, in a minute I’m going to have to induce vomiting just for relief.  I’m sure there will be quite a bit of re-gifting and Ebay postings for these.  Horrible Grandmother……….Horrible!!!


 -Z’maji, “I hope Oprah doesn’t send her flying monkeys to kill me”


2 responses to “…A MESS!!! – Oprah’s Gone Blind

  1. This is fugly!! Betcha someone’s grandmother in Iowa will have this ish in every color.

  2. tee hee, the name IOWA sucks….

    -Moderater Z’maji

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