HAUTE Style: Listen To Your Mommy, Wear Your Galoshes

                                  Rubber rain boots by Victoria Secret


It rained bloody murder here in Houston all weekend,  talk about a “HEAVY FLOW DAY”, honestly!  To protect those perfectly pedicured tootsies, get yourself a pair of All-Weather boots.  They’re a fun and cute solution on those D’lishuous cold fall rainy days.  I mean you can’t risk water damaging your ‘Louboutins’.  So just grab a simple black umbrella(ella-ella-eh-eh-eh), a pair of waterproof boots, hit the boulevard and tell mother nature to suck it!  You’re still Haute!!!

 -Z’maji, “Raindrops keep fallin on my head……..God I hate that song”

                        Chooka ‘Sailor City’ rain boot from www.piperlime.com


                                                 RAIN BOOTS FROM NEIMANNS


                                                               Kate Spade


                                                     Burberry Novacheck


                                                       Burberry Knit Cuff



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