HAUTE Designers: Rami Kashou Storms Fashiondom

 With a stint in the 15 minute fame lane for being on Project Runway, a new Ready-To-Wear line for Spring/Summer 08′, and A list clients such as Jessica Alba, Fergie & Tyra Banks, Rami Kashou is KIL-LING-IT!  What’s funny is, he’s actually been producing his own line since 2001, but Project Runway has pushed him to the forefront. His peices are classically sophisticated and glamourus with unconventional twists, it makes for beautiful shapes that are unparalleled. I believe the key to his genius is his grasp of drapping the female body, no one drapes high quality fabric like Rami Kashou. He’s quickly becoming the new giant in fashion. Now drool puppets……DROOL I SAY!!!

-Z’maji, “Yes I spent the rent money on a Rami Kashou original”                                   

                                 Couture Remi Kashou gowns



                           From the Spring/Summer 08′ collection



                                  Ready-To-Wear Goodies from the 07′ collection


Get more Rami at:  www.ramikashou.com


2 responses to “HAUTE Designers: Rami Kashou Storms Fashiondom

  1. rami is so talented! i love his pleating and draping. That yellow top is to die for<3
    xoxo, lauren

  2. I love it too Lauren, it’s a dream……and it turns me on deep inside where it tickles. tee hee

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