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HAUTE Goodies: Purple, It’s Not Just For Pedophiliac Dinosaurs

Purple is IN my beautiful fashnophiles and even though I don’t want to admit it,  I think “Barney” had something to do with it.   Of course that makes me want to break out my high-powered rifle and go hunt me some singing, dancing dinosaur.  I ‘keed’ of course, about Barney, but about the purple….come and get it kids.  Designers have prepared an array of enviable peices in lilac, plum, lavender, aubergine, amethyst…..the richest shades of purple.  Please don’t drool on the computer, it’s rude.

Fendi Perspex logo cuff


Christian Louboutin Shoe Boots (Booties)


Iris hoodie in a Silk/Cashmere blend by Adam Lippes


Matthew Williamson violet mini-dress


Plum colored Oochi print trim dress with pouf sleeves by Emilio Pucci


Roberto Cavalli violet patent leather clutch


Rolando suede platform pumps by Christian Louboutin


Get thee to and for these goodies


HAUTE Tunes: Mary J. Blige is “Just Fine” …..INDEED!!!

Sweet Mary Jane is back in all her ghetto fab majer’sty, BOW DOWN GIRRLLS!!! This vid is pure unadulterated visual satisfaxtion of sparkle and lights, there’s even a Michael Jackson tribute in a Plum colored crush velvet suit. Watch MJB unleash a full fleged overload of chic dresses, pantsuits, jumpers, and a pristine white mini-dress topped off with a hood and white knee-high boots. White after Labor Day?!?! <<<GASP>>> Mary, Mary, Mary…….you naughty former hood rat turned fabulous fashion icon & Queen of Hip-Hop Soul you! *cheeze*

-Z’maji, “MJB make pressure rize in my lowers”

HAUTE Shotz: Photog Royalty Richard Prince, BOW DOWN I SAY!

   10m2.jpg                          Mrs. Brad Pitt ‘CommonLaw’ and her tasty phat soupcoolers are featured on “W” magazine’s November edition, which they’ve dubbed, “The Art Issue”.  It is 1 of 9 covers by the in-demand art photog Richard Prince.  He is currently the subject of an intriguing retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, Oooooooooooooo!  The covers include other famous starlets that Mr. Prince has papparazzied such as a disheveled Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan in her former intoxicated glory, and angelic faced Katie Holmes-Cruise, before Tommy filled her full of precious Scientology aliens……how sweet.  Other interesting features are “Beyond Tomorrow” a piece on 5 up & coming international artists and an article on the impressive art collection of super designer Marc Jacobs.

 -Z’maji, “Scientology…..100% high-grade pork, NO fillers”





HAUTE: WMA’s few goodies & I mean FEW

Well,  this years World Music Awards had a few ensembles worth mentioning,  but just like most award shows, the celebrities didn’t give a flyin flip.  I think I even saw Akon off on the side drooling and havin a little cat ‘nappage’.  Anyhoosits, check out Ciara’s sexy unconvential style and Rihanna’s classic glamour-lishous-ness… grammar skills are a disaster, forgive me.

 -Z’maji, “More leg please….and put some cheese on it”








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“Haute” Man: Dirty Details from Jonathan Rhys Meyers, how vulgar!


Jonny does his best Beyonce impersonation on the cover of Details this month.  Bevel girl!!! Do it ‘chile’ !!! It’s a great shoot for him, but Jonny always looks this good.  So good that you want to give yourself a chemical peel with acid for not lookin this beautiful  …………….Rhinoplasty Anyone???

-Z’maji,  “Yum, sweet nicotine of death!”