HAUTE Goodies: Flawed Perfection by “Perfectly Flawed”


My good homie from across the pond(Atlantic Ocean<read a book>), Zach Burns, or as I like to call him Burnzy, is model and promo team member for an exciting new brand in the UK named Perfectly Flawed.  I love colorful hoodies and trendy t-shirts and there’s plenty of it from “PF”.  What a fun beginning for this label, with an offering of plenty candy coated designs.   Who said that all the Brits did was sit around sipping tea, munch on crumpetts and watch Masterpeice Theatre……. so much for them stiff upper lips.

 -Z’maji, “The British are coming, the British are coming……and boy am I excited”


Perfectly Flawed:  http://www.perfectlyflawed.co.uk/


One response to “HAUTE Goodies: Flawed Perfection by “Perfectly Flawed”

  1. You give me the most jokes with your humour haha, love it!
    Thanks for the promo dude, preciate it, some new material coming soon, be prepared for the revolution!! (corny eh, f*ck it!)

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