HAUTE: SEX & THE CITY teaser….(insert inappropriate sex joke here)

                                               “Sex & The City” teaser trailer

There are so many horrible sex jokes I could make right now, like “Sex & The City is upon us and boy have I been horny,” oooor, “Wonder how many people will be runnin through Samantha in the movie”, but that would be just sooo……..just so low class(tee hee).  Soon we’ll be swimming in a sea of visual pleasure with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte & Miranda back in the latest ‘sick-nin’ ensembles and lustworthy Monolo’s……of course it is a new day so they might be in Christian Louboutins,  watch out Monolo girl.  Here’s the teaser trailer for the movie due to us in May of 2008.  Here’s to 5 excruciating months of waiting for some Sex……celibacy is a ball breaker isn’t it.

 -Z’maji, “I smell burnt rubber……..Samantha dear close your legs”


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