Haute Ads: David Beckham’s Mystery Package….hmm


Becks is a great reason to hate yourself and run to the bathroom and slit your wrists, as he reminds you that you will never……ever…….EVER, look like this.  In his new Armani underwear ad,  for which he was reportedly paid 20 million pounds(DEAD),  the super athlete puts his best……..uh……FOOT, forward.  Honestly,  David is simply just bein David…….flawless.  I hates him………………just kiddin…………………….or am I?

-Z’maji, “Is that a high power black market handgun or are you just happy to see me………..back up dude!”


15 responses to “Haute Ads: David Beckham’s Mystery Package….hmm

  1. Your a twisted person, but i Love your blog…..we should link exchange….I sat here and read all these damn blog post and spit up on my computer (dying with laughter), if the IT man comes for me i’m sending you the bill.

  2. Ohh yea, David Beckham is one hott summma-a-biach

  3. At the risk of soundin like a gay…..I think Becks is beautiful too *ducks under a desk*

  4. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t think that pretty man was beautiful….If i were a man i would be gay with him

  5. OH NO!!!
    Gay activities sound painful, even with Becks

  6. Beck is one of the most overrated athletes out there and I am former competitive bodybuilder and I have seen better bodies than that of Beckhams. I am definitely not a hater, I am just not impressed; but then again, why should I be…I am a man, not some salivating woman. Kudos to DB.

    P.S.-I have added you to my blog roll.


  7. I agree Marcus, He can’t stand up to the perfection of a dedicated bodybuilder, but from a fashion/style/model perspective, Becks is sick. Ole boy takes multi-million dollar shotz.

  8. Ole boy takes multi-million dollar shotz.

    from the bacl for me!! *cheese*

  9. Oh Hotsauce, you minx, how filthy.

  10. Slaus of O Hell Nawl

    Ok my first time coming to visit your site, to show some love, and what happens!?? my screen locks up right on the David Becks ad.

    and JUST when my boy came over to remind me we gotta hit the gym.

    Dude: SLaus.. the hell are you looking at!!
    Me: Man I can explain! it’s this blog right…
    Dude: You gay.
    Me: nawl man fo real, this person always come to the OHN site, so I was returning the love and…
    Dude: Gay ass love. Bring your gay David Beckham dick scoping azz on and let’s go.
    Me: : sigh : fugg u man.

    nothing worse than a gay dude, calling you gay, and not meaning it in a nice way…

    I aint nevah coming Back Z!!! : lies ::

  11. You hit the gym with a Gay dude….That must be fun to watch….Maybe you me and Beckham can get together
    and do some pull up and chin ups

    Z: Bring out the digi cam

  12. Ohh Yea Z. it’s time to update the blog. I want more assholery commentary. i’m going through withdrawl

  13. Soon HotSauce….Soon. Foreplay takes time.

  14. This is my first time here…and what do I run across? This beautiful man…damn! I put this picture on my blog two days in a row…I think I’m in love!

    Great blog! Love the muzac, love the fashion, love everything!

  15. Thanx Marva’, I love your afro and scrumptious bosom meat.

    -Moderator Z’maji

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