HAUTE Models: Worship The Newbies Or God Will Kill A Kitty

Oh my God I’m so serious,  I got the email today from Jesus, your cat’s as good as dead.  Anyhoosits,  HintMagazine’s online site has a great new feature on some fresh new models that are invading the industry.  That’s right, more lovelies that say yes to hunger and no to a hearty late night run to FatBurger for triple meat, triple cheese, and chili covered taters(Mmmm, Cholesterol).  Check out these exciting additons to Fashiondom.

Z’maji, “Oh No!!! Where’s Buttons???…Buttons……Buttons……Bu……AAAGGGHHH!!!”

                                                     Edite Vilkeviciute:


                                                        Lauryn Tinker:


                                                    Agnete Hegelund:


Link: http://www.hintmag.com/mm/mm.php


4 responses to “HAUTE Models: Worship The Newbies Or God Will Kill A Kitty

  1. These models look an absolute mess. Why is that tall anorexic models are still being put on the run way and in magazines!? It is absolutely disgusting. There need to be more Tyra’s, Kimora’s, Heidi’s, Naomi’s, and Iman’s on the run way; now these gals look great!


  2. WooooooooW, Marcus don’t hold back, please tell me how you really feel. Y’know as a colored boy & a fashionist’o, I’m often torn about the size of some of these models, but I can see the beauty in a thick full size woman and also the rail thin muses of the fashion industry. But you didn’t have to question my authority *Pouts in the corner*

    Moderator Zmaji

  3. mmmmm CRACK it does a body good…..

    Crack and cookies are a models favorite snack to eat near the toilet.

  4. No, No, No Hotsauce, it’s crack and paper towel…..you get full from the paper without the calories, I thought you knew.

    -Moderator Z’maji

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