HAUTE Ads: Mmmm, Gwens Tasty L.A.M.B. Chops


Oh to be a red bathing suit huggin’ on Gwen Steffani’s tender parts.  I’ve been a Gwen fan since I was 11 years old and she was singin, “I’m walkin in the spider webs/Leave a message and I call you back”……….good times……good times.  The Ska princess is actually a legitimate designer now with a high end line, whose runway show was critically acclaimed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 07′ in New York.  Now check out the new advert for the premiere fragrance named, “L”.  The spicy concoction blends Leafy Water Hyacinth, White Freasia, Rose and my favorite Frangipani Blossom among other delicate ingredients.  The collection offers the fragrance in 1, 1.7, and 3.4 ounce bottles, along with shower gel, body lotion, and a solid perfume compact.  Such a “Sweet Escape”.

-Z’maji, “Sho’ll smell good to me!”


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