HAUTE Style: Santa’s Dead, So Get Your Sexy On


        Jill Stuart, Red Daria Strapless Party Dress: http://www.net-a-porter.com/

That jolly old porker is “Crankin That Soulja Boy” with the Angels so he can’t possibly know if you’ve been bad or good…………..Jesus, however, is another story.  Don’t worry though you can still preserve your virtue(that ship has sailed, crashed & sunk anyway) and look like a freshly wrapped Christmas gift, the gift you SAID you were taking to the homeless shelter but decided to keep for yourself,  you trash.  Z’maji hopes you’ll be styled to perfection for those Holiday parties that you’ll be arriving to fashionably late or crashing b’cuz you have to show up the hostess for daring to not invite you.  Here’s your chance to “accidently break one of her china plates on purpose”.  Remember,  Tis the season to raise hell while looking better than others.

-Z’maji, “Yea, uh, your Christmas party is lame so I’m takin some presents, mm-kay”




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