HAUTE Style: Simon Sayz……Iridescence!


Simon Webbe of the British boy-band phenomenon, Blue, attended the UK premiere of “I Am Legend”.  The R&B sensation man-diva’d his way down the red carpet bedazzled in a finely tailored, copper colored blazer with studded motorbike gloves and his signature, slightly askew mohawk,  I love when artist take risks.  This of course is no shock b’cuz he always shows up polished and prepared in trendy, masculine ensembles,  he has such great style.  Someone has a gay stylist……………….and that GIRl is fabulouuuuuuusss!  Check out his performance of ‘The Killers’ hit “When You Were Young” at the ICA.

-Z’maji, “No, No…..he’s not gay, he’s just British”



4 responses to “HAUTE Style: Simon Sayz……Iridescence!

  1. Aw Z yyou know how euro men style of you all hoes……. is like gay but not

  2. Sho’ ya right Q. We can say what we want but we not even ready for them Euros. They know style, it’s like the wild side of sophistication.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Beyaki says..aka Sumaya

    Not sure if I’m feeling those gloves..

  4. C’mon Beyaki, even men can accessorize. Of course I just think he’s wearing them for that dramatic red carpet effect. In some of the later pictures, he’s not wearing them.

    -Moderator Z’maji

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