Swarovski Crystal Cocktail Ring by Erickson Beamon

 By popular demand, and by popular demand I mean 3 people,  I will now put you up on game, in accessories of course.  Your ensemble isn’t complete until you’ve got your sexy party shoes, 1000 watt blinding blingage & a killer bag with all your beauty essentials tucked away in style……..oh yea, and since it’s 2007 & people don’t seem to know what celibacy is, your prophylactic(condom dummy).  Your accessory choice WILL make or break your outfit and WILL CAUSE ME TO RELENTLESSY INSULT YOU IF I SEE YOU IN THE STREET LOOKIN HOMELESS AND THRIFTY.  Now do as I say and go get your incidentals…………..accessories dummy

-Z’maji, “Oooo, shiny….”


Alexander McQueen Stripped Leather Party Pumps


Christian Louboutin Lopono Shoe Boots (Bootis)


Astrid Multi-Charm Necklace by Lee Angel


Erickson Beamon Stone Embellished Wrist Cuff


Fendi Tortoiseshell Box Clutch



Oscar de la Renta Patent Leather Peep-Toe Sandals


Brown/White Zebra Oversized Clutch by Jimmy Choo


Roberto Cavalli Gold-Tone Butterfly Belt in Tanned Leather


Miu Miu Leather Shoulder Bag


Roberto Cavalli Acrylic Floral Engraved Bangle


Paillette Embellished Peep-Toes by Roberto Cavalli


8 responses to “COUNTDOWN: DAY 2: bLING-bLING We Blind Ya!!!

  1. See thats why I love you!! I am the official Chicago Accessory Queen! You should see my closet. It’s like a mini fashion boutique. Jesus be some extra money for my credit card bills because once again I need the Christian Louboutin Lopono Shoe Boots (Bootis) and Erickson Beamon Stone Embellished Wrist Cuff immegiately! Oh the things I could do with these pieces!

  2. Mm-hmmm while you callin on Jesus to be extra monies for you crediq’ card billage…… NEED to be askin him to be a Credit Consolidation Firm with low monthly interest rates, CUZ Christian Louboutin anything will make you put yourself below the poverty line.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Geez Louise Z. You really know how to spoil someone’s fantasy don’t cha! Let me have my dreams! Thanks. *stares back into space*

  4. tee hee, silly Santina…

    -Moderator Z’maji


    OMG *swoon* and does anyone know how can I wife cheesy ass Roberto Cavalli to have access to such beauties???

  6. Boy, if you don’t stop it with these shoes…Imma have to…

    *falls out from the sheer ecstasy*


  7. OK…I feel like a crackhead…You are feeding my addiction…

  8. Q….Ma…..I believe that Roberto is lookin for Quincy, NOT Ms. Qucifer….but who knows what could be arranged with a little blackmail

    Marva,wake up Marva….. Oh Marva! *pulls out smellin salts*

    -Moderator Z’maji

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