COUNTDOWN: DAY 1: Now You’re Tellin Me…..It’s All Oooover!!!


There goes 2007, fallin off in the distance…….it’s all over!  Let it go Jenn let it go baby,  You got ‘Sex & The City’ The Movie to think about.

Yes this is it, the end, finito, all she wrote.  The last day of 2007 or as I like to call it, the year of Britney Spears’s hairless wonder…..and I ain’t talkin about her head, mmmm-kaaaaay.  My New Years wish is that you all have a grand ole’ saddidy time where ever you decide to spend it.  Whether at a fabulous soiree eating some pretentiously disgusting crap-lookin’ paste on a flavorless waffer guffawing with beautiful snobs or destroying your liver tissue at a sleezy bar before passing out shortly after midnight in a puddle of your own sick(how chic… classi),  I really just want you to be safe.  I believe that even if you had a not-so-great year,  I believe that if you just don’t give up, fabulous things are on your horizon………you now owe me a vital organ as payment for that Maya Angelou moment, gimme dat!

-Z’maji, “Let’s pray GOD makes Beyonce ‘sat’ down & rest her lace front wig in 08′ before she has a freak out moment and we lose her too!”



Rihanna(best dressed) hired a competent stylist & made me tingle on the inside part


















Purple was no longer just for pedophilic dinosaurs

1aaa14.jpg    1and1.jpg

71z78rple_normal.jpg  1and2.jpg



Becks & Posh came to the U.S. and nobody cared but me *pout*



Patent leather was suitable to wear even if you weren’t a  whip weilding freak

1and8.jpg   1and11.jpg

1and10.jpg   1and13.jpg

1and15.jpg   1and14.jpg


My “Bran-Bran-Nanna-Nut-Muffin Head” was aquitted of false charges



And big sexy brought it home for the thick girls, GET IT J.HUD!

1and23.jpg 1and21.jpg

And a really righteous & fabuluss brotha, named Z’maji, with an odd & questionable sense of humor and an obsession with fashion started an awesome blog and met some cool people.  See ya on the other side.

-D’lihusly, Z’maji





8 responses to “COUNTDOWN: DAY 1: Now You’re Tellin Me…..It’s All Oooover!!!

  1. My inside parts have tingled as well, but now it hurts cause I desire Rihanna’s clothes so effing much, I love that I attempted to give myself her haircut… and I succeded bunk-ass “for the office” style

    I Cared SO HARD about Posh and Becks (let the countdown to his cheating scandal begin!!! L.A. ain’t nothing but free poon for the taking!) and booties, Sweet lawd those Rihanna have on.. I could sleep in those… ok, maybe not exactly sleep

  2. Q, I know you ain’t puttin that Pucci print midi dress with the patent leather belt and silver lame platform sandals and GOIN TO SLEEP…………you goin to raise cain and get arrested.

    And I am so relieved that you was excited about Becks&Posh and I don’t think he’ll cheat, I mean L.A. is such a sanctified city…

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Now Z’maji you KNOW every time Posh steps out to the corner store even! and deny that hunk of man them sexy bones he’s gotta mount at least 3 women 50% more juicy than his lovely wedded corpse bride, YOU KNOW IT!!! *starts saving money for L.A trip*

    Another thing that I feel in my heart that I needed this year is them lame leggins from American Apparel… I try to act disgusted about it but I KNOW I’d rock em so hard!

  4. American Apparel DID THAT!!!

    Those leggins were the bidniss 4’true, AND in every color, that proves it m’love…..prayer changes things, mm-hmm.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  5. Rihanna did look awesome last year, we WERE the only ones who gave a crap about Posh and Becks and then there was Brandy “and the way me touch me.” What a great year. I love you!

  6. Just showing support!!! Rhianna just doesnt do it for me!!!! Although she did look amazing in the green gown.
    Anyone I see in a pic with Will and Jada are suspect!!!!!! Look at that pic…… makes for a great orgy I bet!
    Z- when you make it big time and start giving away charity makeovers, remember me k? I will say that even though I could never dream of the money to have these things you do make the dream seem real! Like I can just bounce to the nearest boutique and cop whateva! Thanks!
    P.s. Before I buy a $500 purse – I’m a mom who would buy a $500 food processor! lol

  7. Rhianna’s Head is LARRRGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE…..

  8. Yes Saucy, her head is large but so is mine, give us a break.

    Vanessaaaaaa……..I miss you…”and the way me touch me”

    CUZZO, you gotta believe baby, you can have both….if anybody deserves haute couture, it’s a dedicated mom.

    -Moderator Z’maji

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