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HAUTE Magz: Z. Efron does Details


Check out Zac gettin his grown man on & givin’ face on the Januar’ity cover of Details mag.  The boy wonder discusses everything from his future in film,  the “wholesome” image and those gay accusations from Perez Hilton.  I personally don’t think he’s a gay,  that’s just the curse of bein pretty.  Of course I’m totally biased cuz I loooooove Disney Channel and all of it’s squeaky clean stars……..but……that’s healthy for a 25 year old tho’…….right…………..RIGHT?  Well whatever the case,  good wholesome entertainment with hyper-sexual undertones just does something for me.  You know Walt Disney was a freak.

-Z’maji, “Pose for the camera now, CLIK, CLIK!”




Zac Efron – Behind The Scenes: Details magazine shoot


HAUTE Media/Designers: Heatherette Does Not A Supermodel Make

Heatherette runway show – Make Me A Supermodel

Disclaimer: Pay no mind to the “he like me, he don’t like me” foolishness at the beginning 

 ……but at least you’ll look like heaven dipped in sparkles.  The ever’glam duo Traver Rains and Richie Rich of Heatherette made a guest appearance on my new fav’rit show, “Make Me A Supermodel”.  Even though I watch talent competition reality shows,  I’m ususally very skeptical of the talent, but I must say that Nikki Taylor & Tyson have found some real gems and having them hit the catwalk in HEATHERETTE!!!  That’s more exciting than a Beyonce “wardrobe malfunction” 

-Z’maji, “Oooo, sparkles”

HAUTE Style: Kim Kardashian – Beyond Cheap Porn


The newly dubbed socialite(GAAAHG) and Reggie Bush detainee was recently at the ‘Style Your Slim’ event looking like a peice of ‘CLAWD-HAMERCY’ dipped in ‘THANK YA JESUS’ with a side of ‘HALLE-LUCYAH’.  Check out Ray J’s ex-jump off in a lovely silicon hugging grey sweater dress and sueded knee high boots,  just screams cash funds don’t it?Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter if someone “stole” a private moment that you and your then boyfriend tapped for “your own personal use”,  you still can come out on top………or on bottom or whatever position that you’ll decide to bend yourself into next.  Now just because you can’t take career advice from Ms. K, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some style tips from her.  Afterall she is a……..a um……….socialite?

-Z’maji, “Say YES to silicon buns of jelly”

Get HAUTE Like Kim:


Rebecca Taylor mini tunic


‘Juicy Couture’ Juicy Pearl Bow Hoops


Pedro Garcia ‘Xaide’ Boot in Suede


Knee-High by Zulli


Roberto Cavalli Velvet Pochette (raised floral embellishment)


Alice & Olivia Sequined Sweater Dress

HAUTE’N’Random: More Sex……and the City


Here’s your crack Fashnophiles & Sex and the City psychophants.  Kim Catrall and Jason Lewis on the set of the Sex and the City.  You know what’s funny, whenever I see either Kim Catrall or Jason Lewis, all I can think about is that episode where he had her hemmed up in her bedroom and kept switching positions on her while they were doin the sloppy bang bang body collide.  It was the most sinful, disgusting, shamefully amazing debauchery I’ve ever seen…………….Jesus was not pleased.  I don’t really know what’s goin on here, buuuuuuut,  I’m so excited…………..and, uh,……….I just can’t hide it.

-Z’maji, “I see London, I see France, I see Samantha’s soiled, promiscuous, maneating, high-priced underpants”



Here’s a gift from Sweet Bubblegum Flavored Jesus:


Official Poster (those shoes better be ‘Louboutins’)


Kim Cattrall(Samantha) on set of S&C

HAUTE Adz: Man-Diva vs Machine

And WHAT – A – MACHINE.  Between the Buggati luxury sports car and one of my personal heros, pro-footballer(soccer) and fellow man-diva Christian Ronaldo, this commercial for NikeFootball was almost sensory overload.  All they needed was Beyonce and Jessica Biels washing the car in Christian Louboutin stilletos and Versace bikinis and I woulda died and gone to play spades with Jesus in that high-end boutique in the sky.

-Z’maji, “Somebodies been drinkin their Gatoraaaade”

HAUTE Style: Beyonce’s Studded Tootsies


Beyonce rocked the Ariella demi-boot from Christian Louboutin at the Nets game while hammin it up with her Jigga-Boo and Kanyeezy……….4-sheeeeezy.  Shhhh, if you listen the boots will say somthing to you, they say, “kick her in the head and take me”.  These beauties are from the 2007 Christian Louboutin collection but it’s a haute add to any shoe collection.  Plus my sexy Fashnophiles, why should Beyonce have everything.  If you can’t have her disgustingly rich man, you can at least have her shoes, can I get a witness?

 -Z’maji, “Lace Front Wigs AND Christian Louboutin shoes…………what a woman”


 Ariella Demi-Boot by Christian Louboutin

Get Haute Rocker-Chic Foot Game Like Beyonce:


Christian Louboutin patent leather Avedere lace-ups


Just Cavalli Patent Platform Ankle-Boot


Donjon knee-boots by Christian Louboutin


Alexander McQueen Leather Boots

HAUTE Adz: Vulgar Crash Test Dummies


Dsquared2 website

I love DSquared’s clothes.  They fill me with lust and desire and somehow………..I know Jesus isn’t pleased, mm-hmm.  Check out the new ad campaign for their 2008 Spring/Summer collection shot by Steven Meisel.  It features up and comer Sean O’Pry, you see him whispering in ole girls ear……I hope he brushed and flossed that day.  I know who I’ll be blackmailing for a new DSquared 08′ S/S wardrobe,  do you?

 -Z’maji, “Yea, uh……gimme cash funds or I’m tellin”