NYE 08’…….And So The Foolery Begins


If you’re reading this you have obviously survived the night.  Your dignity, however is another story, ain’t it?  I’m sure it died a horrible death in the backseat of someones odd colored El Camino……….I have so much faith in you don’t I???  Regardless of last evenings shannanigans,  it’s a New Year,  a fresh start.  Time to redefine your style and splurge on that thing you’ve been wanting to add to your collection.  Time to broaden your horizons and try ON something new.  So shake off the remnants of yester-year and forge ahead.  2008 is full of fabulous possibilities, go get em’ tiger!!!

-Z’maji, “Happy NYE 08′ you fashion obsessed heathenistic couture addicted sicophants”


8 responses to “NYE 08’…….And So The Foolery Begins

  1. Oh Z I was a sad siddity mess, my family sucks, we literally sat there making dirty jokes tombout: “is remarkable how po people be so happy on nothing”, while we all laughed like hyennas, not even getting properly drunk, receiving gifts of liquor from the Dominican Republic… I just called quits on them 20 mins before the NY and simply came home after which I received the year while talking to that hunk of man on the phone, his New Year purpose is no be a good little boyfriend to moi *smirk*

    This year I want pretty well made clothes, more shoes than I already have, in funky colors, a red bag, and ‘whore clothes” for them “OTHER” parties

  2. Fortunately, or not, I didn’t do anything last night for which I regret today. But hey, it’s a new year, a new beginning with brand new opportunities to get naughty. 🙂

  3. I sat at home with my family and a 6’4 guy who was not the bizniz!!! The drunker I got- The more disgusting he looked- I know its usually the other way around!!!!
    If he only knew he needed to grow about 5 more inches…………….lololol

  4. Hey Z hope you had a happy new year..I didn’t get to spin on my head the way i wanted to, but i did do somewhat of a booty dance and by the end of the night i was so sleepy that i felt drunk and passed out on the couch with my skirt riding up above my belly button

  5. Ahhhh My Girls, Classi as always, such ladies….

    -Moderator Z’maji

  6. We learned from the best!!!

  7. Z whattap playa!! :: dapz :: Happy new year man!

  8. Happy NYE to you too Slaus

    -Moderator Z’maji

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