HAUTE Style: Big Sexy’s New Year Style


SPANX BE DAMNED!  The Oscar/Golden Globe/NAACP Image/ S.A.G./—*whew*—B.E.T./Bafta and a crap load of others award winner Jennifer Hudson was a thick-n-d’lishuous vision on the red carpet on New Years Eve.  Her arrival outfit was a pristine white lingerie-like dress with a matching satine blazer but her performance gown was a curve fondlin’ floor length with an off the shoulder pluuuuuuuuuuuunging neck line in blazing red.  This is a great example of real women with real curves creating a look that is sexy but styled for they’re body type at the same time.  ALRIGHT for the big sexy girls that flaunt womanly curves of meat!!! YUM

 -Z’maji,  “Silly girrrrrl, are you hiding midgets in your bra………………….again?”

 1a2.jpg 1a1.jpg1a3.jpg




Fendi Double-Breasted Pleat Trim Jacket


Waist Cinched Roberto Cavalli with Tullip Sleeves


Nine West ‘Delray’


Carmen Marc Valvo Cross Back Cocktail Dress


4.5″ Platform Pumps in Croc Print



15 responses to “HAUTE Style: Big Sexy’s New Year Style

  1. JHud is becoming one of my favorite big girls…she always looks good nowadays…after she got rid of Andre Leon Talley…ooh, the things he was doing to her!

  2. yea Marva, I love Ms. Talley but er, um, he kinda was doin the fool with big sexy, I mean J.Hud.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. That white is beautiful on her!!!! I’m glad she isnt looking so haggardly nowadays!!!! Those pics of hers were inspirational to me as a “fluffy girl”. A few sit ups and pushing back the plate- and i my dear can be this fab!!! (I already am fab- just not J.Hud like)

  4. I’m mad:

    That she’s got that effing do (I hated it on Saleisha, I’m NOT gonna love it on you)

    That she gave the finger to Spanx

    The Sea of white and lace

    That you called her “Big Sexy”… a world of no

  5. I love her in the red but eh, the hair, NOOOOOO!

  6. C’mon, 1st Q and now you Chocl8t, this world is now dead, I hope you’re happy…..I like her hair so much. I think she puts Salesha(ANTM) to shame

    -Moderator Z’maji

  7. I think Jennifer is sexy is in her ‘big girl’ kinda way. She is not utterly unattractive young lady and she does fix up pretty nicely. I like the white outfit. I am not too impressed with the hairdo that she chose, but everyone is allowed to make a mistake or two in life. LOL. I also like the red dress too; fits her very well.

  8. Thank you Marcus Langford, finally someone who has NOT had an anneurism and hey I understand that not everyone is gonna like the hair, BUT THE BOB IS IT RIGHT NOW.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  9. I like the whole ensemble and the boobies.

    Jhud is just a pretty lil piece of chocolate in my opinion.

    That smile of hers just warms up the gat damn room, and her clevage makes me happy in my naughty places.

    and I do like the hair. its short enough that I could watch her do things.

  10. SLAUS?!?!

    This is supposed to be a classy blog and I’m tellin yo’ wife you thinkin dirty thoughts about an Oscar winners sweater meats

    -Moderator Z’maji

  11. :: pretends to have some good sense ::


    ..she could get it though in that cute ass hair cut.

  12. that’s better

    *hangs up cell on Slaus’ wife*

    -Moderator Z’maji

  13. Classy blog??? homiesaywhaaaatt???

    BOO! haircut BOOO!!!!!

  14. Stop it Q, you’re starting to frighten…..them *wink*

    -Moderator Z’maji

  15. I have my hair like that so of course I think it’s hot! Us Chicago girls must think alike. I didn’t even know she was wearing her hair like this. Saleisha shouldn’t even be in the category of having this haircut because her is wayyy to full and not cut properly. That ish is a wig, and a mess of a wig at that.

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