HAUTE Tunes: Oh Melancholy Super-Producer

Timbaland featuring One Republic

Tim, I miss Aaliyah too but C’mooooonnn, this is just torture.  Timbaland needs a coke and a smile cuz this is the saddest song he’s done in like ever but it hurt’s me sooooo good.  I’m loggin off so I can go overeat till I pass out and cry into my pillow over lost love & unfortunate late night creeps………….I was livin foul back in the day, don’t judge me.  G’day.

-Z’maji, “Mmmm, the tears of the Suffering taste like Skittles………so good TO me”


9 responses to “HAUTE Tunes: Oh Melancholy Super-Producer

  1. This is a sad song. It was one of my favs when I first got the album though.

  2. I first heard this tune when my girlfriend had it on her MySpace page. Initially I did not like the song even though I was impressed by Timbaland’s work. They have been playing the heck out of the song on a local jazz station and I believe I am more of a fan of it nowadays. It is a pretty good tune indeed; sad, but good!

  3. I know as a fitness enthusiast the “overeat till I pass out” statement was just heaven for you wasn’t it Marcus???

    -Moderator Z’maji

  4. I didnt even have to click… yeah that song is shit

    pure unadulterated, strong ass shit

  5. as always Q, m’love, your illiterations move me to prayer

    -Moderator Z’maji

  6. Hey there,

    This is Dan from Fashion Indie. Was wondering if you’d like to write a post or two for us. No pay, cause we be brokey, but we’d connect to your blog and secure you a little ad money.

    Let me know.


  7. DJ Z’maji: This is DJ Z’maji. Whatz yo request love?
    Chocl8t: Yeah, buh-bay…can I dedicate this to M-Square.

    LOVES IT!! 🙂

  8. tee hee, chocl8t you’re my favrit midnite snack….and I mean that in most holiest and sanctified way

    -Moderator Z’maji

  9. ok Timbs whole cd is pretty damn hot actually and I liked One republic before they even got with timbaland. put em both together though and it’s hot.

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