HAUTE Findz: Sneakers Are The Devils Candy, Mmmm


Raf Simons Astronaut Sneaker Boot (divos)

I’ve combed the web for you my devoted Fashnophiles to find the sweetest Tennies for your perfectly pedi-ed tootsies………and even if your feet look like dead rotten appendages from a horror flick you still can be down.  I believe in having 2 nice pair of sneakers, 1 in white and 1 in black, then after that, do tha fool and FREAKUM.  There are so many options, so many colors & styles becuz companies are competing for the attention of shoe fiends and foot fetish degenerates everywhere.  Your wardrobe ain’t right until you add a few pair of wildly colored, obscene “kickz”.  THUS SAITH Z’MAJI….

 -Z’maji,  “Do as I say or a kitty will die”


Dolce Vita by Timberland (dolls)


Reebok Freestyle Mid Tokyo (dolls)


14k Muska Skytop by Supra (divos)


Harajuku Lovers ‘Rainbow Frank Kogal-Fold Tex’ (dolls)


New Balance 570 Sean D’Anconio (divos)


Vans ‘Super Sk8-Hi in Paint Drip Slip’ (dolls)


Kanye Graduation Air Force Ones (Source – Necole ***chie Blog)


3 responses to “HAUTE Findz: Sneakers Are The Devils Candy, Mmmm

  1. I would rock those Vans with no problems! I love different stuff (different meaning you won’t see 10 other people with your ish on!). I have a pair of Reebok Freestyle in red leaather with white hearts all over them.

    And I’ve never seen the 14k Muska Skytop by Supra before. I likey *goes to google for prices*

  2. yea babe, it’s all about creating your own look and those Muska Skytops, WHEW. I’d betray family and country for some of those girls.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. oh man…The Q cannot abide by sneaks ..Real talk, even when I go to the gym, I’m smarting and mumbling some shit about ugly ass practical ass good for nothing shoes

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