HAUTE ‘N’ Random



Didn’t pregnant women used to sit at home in their moo-moos, eating  away and packin on pounds of grease with swollen k’ankles and tender, irritated breasts.  So what in the name of Popeyes Crispy Chicken and Scrumpziouz Biskeets is this vision of hefty perfection that is Halle Berry.  Some barren women don’t even look THIS good (apologies to the barren)

 -Z’maji, “Is it sick to say that she makes me hotter preggers?………anybody……….no?


5 responses to “HAUTE ‘N’ Random

  1. See I would consider getting if I could look like that! Her face isn’t even spreading. My nose would be the size of Fat Joe stomach so I refuse to play myself. Halle is making being pregnant look almost fun.

  2. No wonder she wants to be pregnant again immediately…hell, I would too if I could look like this all the time!

    She is absolutely gorgeous!

    *cusses her out*

  3. I know, don’t you just wanna kick her in the stomach…….oh wait.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  4. I want to be like her when I grow up…. .minus the belly plus the man divided by Oscar winning hair and outfit

  5. Halle is quite hot! Some women can just look sexy no matter what!? She just has that ‘pregnancy glow’ workin’ like a mug too!

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