HAUTE Newz: Mr. Blackwell Is Pissed


….And it’s not becuz gramps wants his prune cobbler and Ensure.  Mr. Blackwells annual Worst Dressed Women of 07′ list is out and he is not pleased……NOT pleased!  What’s funny is Posh is number one on his list when she always seems to be held in a high regard as far as fashion goes.  I don’t know, I kinda like ‘Stick Figure Spice’.   Mr. Blackwell was quoted as saying, “In one skinny mini-monstrosity after another, pouty Posh sure can wreck em”.  Ouch, someone’s cranky and needs a diaper change huh?  Some of his picks for best dressed are Beyonce,  Helen Mirren and Katie Holmes.   (Source)

-Z’maji, “No worries Posh, how many more years can that old queen’s pace maker have?”


#3 – Ashley Olsen,  looking a soggy malnurished mess


#4 Kelly Clarkson, Put some cheeze on it!


#6 Emma Ward, Who?


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