HAUTE Tunez: Space Couture For Janet “Ms. Jackson If Ya Nasty”

 Janet Jackson – Feedback

Janet’s back and this time she’s fully covered, making it totally about the music and dancing and NOT about her breast bein forced up under her neck by a brassiere of death OR fallin out of her costume in a “wardrobe malfunction” .  The clip opens with ‘J’ in a killer black cat suit, followed by a red jumper and sexy patent leather boots.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Ms. Jackson If You Nasty is scrumpziouz but I was getting tired of feeling like she was trying to prove to us that she is still sexy.  C’mooooon Janet, that’s like Britney trying to prove that she’s not one valium short of a pain killer cocktail, we already know baby cakes.

 -Z’maji, “tee hee, that Britney joke was funny” *breaks out crucifix to pray for Britney*


3 responses to “HAUTE Tunez: Space Couture For Janet “Ms. Jackson If Ya Nasty”

  1. hot song… not so hot video… I got a 9th grade Styrofoam planet project from this AND I want her to do me ONE or two vids without green screen… the milk background??? i don’t know

    also I’ma need ALL the Jacksons to STOP FUCKING WITH THEIR FACES they are all aging in the weirdest effing way

  2. but yeah at least her boobs are not in a halter titty sling YET again

  3. Thanx for co-signin on that Q. Her cleavage is great and all but can you leave somethin to imagination……I don’t think Jesus is pleased in that…

    -Moderator Z’maji

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