HAUTE Designers: Raf Simons Fantastical Chic


Belgian born Raf Simons is the current designer that is on my radar.  He’s an eccentric artist that refuses to be photographed and was one of the first designers in the 90’s to begin to cultivate a slimmer, more delicate silouette for menswear.  I was excited by his S/S 08′ collection because of the breezy, unconventional peices that he drapped on the male models.  The phrase, “fashion is art,” rings so true with Raf Simons

The other thing I really enjoyed was the multi-colored boots and flats he presented that mirrored the Balenciaga multi-colored heels that Beyonce wore to the American Music


Awards in 07′.  Just Crazy!  And I know not every body will like it but it’s my blog and you know me Fashnophiles, I love crazy!

 -Z’maji, “Crazier than a soup sandwich”








7 responses to “HAUTE Designers: Raf Simons Fantastical Chic

  1. Sorry Z, me no likey those. I love the color though.

  2. You know what they remind of the throwback fisher price beginner roller skates that you strapped over your regular shoes! LMAO

  3. tee hee, fisher price.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  4. I want God to bring me them shoes!!!

  5. Baby D’s legos!lol

  6. Nestor Jazmani Dutan

    LOve everything, Raf is truly the Future

  7. Has anyone actually seen these shoes for sale anywhere? I’ve looked all over online and can’t find them!

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