HAUTE Goodies: Heatherette, Beatin’ Your Face Down In 08′





Heatherette is venturing into make-up and that makes me hotter than a big girl on 2 for 1 days a the Popeye’s.  Everyone with a brain knows that Z’maji *hearts* Heatherette.  There’s just something so good TO me about their 80’s glam, life size Barbie style.  So you can just imagine how excited I am to know that they are venturing into the beauty market.  I really believe that the Metropolis Cowboy, Traver Rains & the ever-glam Richie Rich will bring something fresh and exciting…..AND debaucherous to the cosmetics industry.  Time to throw away the ‘color by number’ makeup kit…..BEYONCE!………………God I want her.

-Z’maji, “Sparkles Kill!…………at least you’ll be pretty”


8 responses to “HAUTE Goodies: Heatherette, Beatin’ Your Face Down In 08′

  1. Z, you’re going to kill me but *in a timid voice* what is Heatherette? *goes straight to google*


    Yes, yes……to google with you.

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. I love Heatherette and the fact that they teaming up with MAC I’m sooooooo excited!

  4. Fabulous!1!!… If Richie wasn’t not checking out for me I’d marry him so I could look like I’m on acid BUT fabulous, every day.

    I Thought of you and this post today cause today i felt the need of copping a shitload of out RIP Urban Decay items: such as their perfume oils, makeup packs and body powder with glitter

    Fuck the bills, MAC eyeshadow pigments and Urban Decay

  5. MAC?! Urban Decay?!
    Oh yea Q m’love, talk dirty too me!

    When I do faces, I swear by their ‘Surreal Skin Mineral Powder’, that coverage baby. Every since I read in one of Kevin Aucoyn’s books that when he did peoples makeup he used concealer and powder, I’ve done the same unless it was absolutely crucial. So I like the powders that can be used for foundation. You can’t use all the powders cuz some have funky consistancies, you know what I mean ‘Q’ baby?

    -Moderator Z’maji

  6. HELLS YEAH!! I swear by Kevin’s every tip to this day!! (maybe we should light a candle in memoriam today), personally, I think that Mineral Power and Estee Lauder’s Idealist potion are some of, if not THE most important/wonderful/magicalest things EVER in makeup, and colorwise for women of color I’d never venture any lower than MAC, Dior, or Lancome (AKA the high end Loreal) .. there is really no need

    Let’s all do a cheer for Pigment!!!!!

  7. YES LAWD & PRAISE SWEET BUBBLEGUM FLAVORED JESUS…..Speakin of Dior have you checked out their ‘Backstage Make-Up’ line. They have this thing called Skinflash. It’s a highlighting pen for your face in like four different shades, it’s a gift from the sweet Messiah, get it Q, get it NOW!!!

    -Moderator Z’maji

  8. Hi, I am very new to this site and lucked upon it by accident when I was googling heatherette but I was just curious as to who the black female model is at the end of the row of pictures at the main page of the site. Her bodytype kind of reminds me of my own and her style seems fierce!!!.



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