HAUTE Style: Surrender To The BOB!!!


Don’t fight it baby…….relax, just let it happen……..you know you want it.  The BOB is taking over and even tho I’m not one to conform to every little thing that beauty and fashion throws to the masses, I gotta say……. it’s kinda turnin me on.  The reason why I can really get with this overwhelming trend is because you can get yourself a BOB buuuuuttt,  there are soooo many different cuts and color selections that you can still create your own look without compromising you.  Your stylist(if he/she/undecided is competent) can give you a cut & color that complements your face and sends your whole look into a new dimension.  You don’t have to worry about assaulting some chick at the same event as you because she has the same style……..unless you want to be classy and fight just because. 

 -Z’maji, “Get yo’ hair DID!!!”





2 responses to “HAUTE Style: Surrender To The BOB!!!

  1. I’m proud to say I’m very fashion forward. I cut my hair into a asymetrical bob the summer of 06 and have went through about 2 other bob styles and now I’m growing in out. So if anything Rihanna swagger jacked me lol But I jacked Kelis kinda so I can’t talk. She’s my role model. I totally stan her!

  2. I do too, even tho her music sucks worse than Kim Kardashian at the Million man march….

    -Moderator Z’maji

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