NOT HAUTE: Canceled Globes……Nooooooooooo!!!



No red carpet, no fabulous gowns, no beautifully coifed hair, no flawlessly painted faces, no scrumpziouz exposed clevage bosoms,  no old overly botoxed women wearing dresses they know they’re to ancient to wear, no rented sparkling jewelry accompanied by their own burly security guards trained to snap the neck of anyone or thing that gets too close???

What will me and The Gays talk about on Monday???

 -Z’maji, “My God, My God……..why have thou forsaken me!!!”


8 responses to “NOT HAUTE: Canceled Globes……Nooooooooooo!!!

  1. I am NOT having this….

    We might have to wait until the Grammys to see both, the utter disasters and remarkable clothes

  2. I know right?!?!

    I’m gonna have to do a fashion recap of last years golden globes the day after this years wouldv’e aired…….someones gotta die

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. YOu know that bitches are gonna overcompensate and show up at a damned MTV award wearing Galliano Couture

  4. Damn…they serious.2008 starting off slowwwwwwwwwww.

  5. My unrequited love used to be directed towards Carson Kressley but I think have fallen in LUV witchoooo!!! A straight man who loves FASHION!!! Be still my heart! 😉

  6. @ Q – I vote Katherine Heigl, she look like she’d show up to the swap meet in stilletos & glittery rags…..cheezin

    @ Chocl8t – Thanx babe, if only the other people could understand

  7. UMMM HMMM her the attention whore of the year-self and on the black front, Gabrielle Union, cause why I opened my Cereal this morning and she was sitting there cheesing with some random ass big beefy NFL player for?

  8. @ Q – Gabrielle Union makes my skin itch…..scabies

    – Moderator Z’maji

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