HAUTE Adz: Vulgar Crash Test Dummies


Dsquared2 website

I love DSquared’s clothes.  They fill me with lust and desire and somehow………..I know Jesus isn’t pleased, mm-hmm.  Check out the new ad campaign for their 2008 Spring/Summer collection shot by Steven Meisel.  It features up and comer Sean O’Pry, you see him whispering in ole girls ear……I hope he brushed and flossed that day.  I know who I’ll be blackmailing for a new DSquared 08′ S/S wardrobe,  do you?

 -Z’maji, “Yea, uh……gimme cash funds or I’m tellin”




6 responses to “HAUTE Adz: Vulgar Crash Test Dummies

  1. I gotta say… extremely hot and cool ad campaign

  2. Hmmmmmm I take that black bikini.That black dress (the one where the girl is laying down on the floor).The white looking Grecian dress.And those shoes lol.It looks hot!Kind of reminds me of the D&G ads.

  3. *In the last photo, the girl closest to the camera*

    Show. Me. To. Your. Leader.

  4. I’m pleased my girlies likey…..and I feel you Mama, them shoes are sayin, “hit her in the head and take me”

    -Moderator Z’maji

  5. WHat the hell is going on in this ad, and why am i now extremely tingly in the jibby.

    this is why i dont come here dammit

  6. Oh yea Slaus, *in my surfer boy voice, “chill bro, just let it happen, you know you want it”*

    -Moderator Z’maji

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