HAUTE Adz: Man-Diva vs Machine

And WHAT – A – MACHINE.  Between the Buggati luxury sports car and one of my personal heros, pro-footballer(soccer) and fellow man-diva Christian Ronaldo, this commercial for NikeFootball was almost sensory overload.  All they needed was Beyonce and Jessica Biels washing the car in Christian Louboutin stilletos and Versace bikinis and I woulda died and gone to play spades with Jesus in that high-end boutique in the sky.

-Z’maji, “Somebodies been drinkin their Gatoraaaade”


2 responses to “HAUTE Adz: Man-Diva vs Machine

  1. Yeeeah! That’s a tight commercial! I am not familiar with this Christian character, but I a huge fan of Nike (I own over 30 pair of Nike Shox) and I plan to own a Bugatti Veyron one of these days very soon. The concept of the commercial was pretty kicka**. Great post bro!

  2. Ummmmmmm Z, where have you been?! I’m about to call a search party soon. I’ve already dialed 9-1, not make me hit the other 1! LOL

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