HAUTE Style: Beyonce’s Studded Tootsies


Beyonce rocked the Ariella demi-boot from Christian Louboutin at the Nets game while hammin it up with her Jigga-Boo and Kanyeezy……….4-sheeeeezy.  Shhhh, if you listen the boots will say somthing to you, they say, “kick her in the head and take me”.  These beauties are from the 2007 Christian Louboutin collection but it’s a haute add to any shoe collection.  Plus my sexy Fashnophiles, why should Beyonce have everything.  If you can’t have her disgustingly rich man, you can at least have her shoes, can I get a witness?

 -Z’maji, “Lace Front Wigs AND Christian Louboutin shoes…………what a woman”


 Ariella Demi-Boot by Christian Louboutin

Get Haute Rocker-Chic Foot Game Like Beyonce:


Christian Louboutin patent leather Avedere lace-ups


Just Cavalli Patent Platform Ankle-Boot


Donjon knee-boots by Christian Louboutin


Alexander McQueen Leather Boots


12 responses to “HAUTE Style: Beyonce’s Studded Tootsies

  1. AHHHGGGHHGAHGA Booties!!! (Does the Bey-Roach Dance)

  2. Oh, them Alexander McQueen boots is killing me!

    *falls out*


  3. Yes…..boots!

    -Moderator Z’maji

  4. I wonder how much crack you gotta push in da ‘hood to get a pair of these babies on the feet!? Hmmm…

  5. Haaaaaaaaaa, Marcus Langford make a funni….

    -Moderator Z’maji

  6. Bee-YAWN-say can keep Joe Camel, stankin rich or not, but I’m gonna need her to give up those boots b4 I beat her down.

  7. Rihanna had those boots first on TRL. So I would have to beat the brakes off her AND Beyonce for those boots! And Oh Lawd I can see me doing some things in those Donjon knee boots. *goes outside of my office to look for rich white man to sponsor my boots*

  8. Okay maybe not the exact boots, but the style *hides from Z*

  9. All those boots look like weapons of mass destruction….they should be reported to the military and then put to death my lethal injection

  10. Ok…. how cna i get some knock offs of those boots for wifey. those steppers are plush!

  11. @ Santina – *I see you theivin mama…

    @ Slaus – WE don’t do knock offs at the Haute Blog…..okaaaay,
    truth is I know a guy who knows a guy that knows a chick in jail
    thats married to some dude named Skeeter with the hook-up, but
    just know that someday you’ll be called on to do a ‘favor’….

    *Prays for Slaus*

    -Moderator Z’maji

  12. The McQueens….I’m gagging!!

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