HAUTE Magz: Z. Efron does Details


Check out Zac gettin his grown man on & givin’ face on the Januar’ity cover of Details mag.  The boy wonder discusses everything from his future in film,  the “wholesome” image and those gay accusations from Perez Hilton.  I personally don’t think he’s a gay,  that’s just the curse of bein pretty.  Of course I’m totally biased cuz I loooooove Disney Channel and all of it’s squeaky clean stars……..but……that’s healthy for a 25 year old tho’…….right…………..RIGHT?  Well whatever the case,  good wholesome entertainment with hyper-sexual undertones just does something for me.  You know Walt Disney was a freak.

-Z’maji, “Pose for the camera now, CLIK, CLIK!”




Zac Efron – Behind The Scenes: Details magazine shoot


4 responses to “HAUTE Magz: Z. Efron does Details

  1. Mad face he is giving

    But today I came in running to tell you one thing you MUST blog about ASAP

    Diane Kruger Christian Dior Haute couture… you go find them pics and tell me if EVERYTHING is not extreme perfection from head to toe, you will salivate at the makeshift of the fucking suit, the clutch and then trip over yourself over the shoes (which you are going to want to gift me in thanks for my everlasting awesomeness)

  2. yay! finally he looks like a man!

  3. I’m on it Q baby, I been hearin bout Diane…..you know she crazy and the crazies always come up with the best fashion d’lishousness

    @ Lizzo, he has always looked like man……his face just didn’t know it…….

    -Moderator Z’maji

  4. damn disney kids grow up too fast. get cha grown man on Zac…. you done with vanessa yet? cuz um.. when she turns 25, i got dibs.

    Z- who si the photog for this set?

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