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FASHION WEEK 08′: Z’maji drops the ball…..Thank GAWD for ‘Fashion Indie’   

Well Fashnophiles and ‘Slaus’,  I have officially dropped the ball on Fashion Week 08′,  my computer conveniently decided that it would SCREW ME  PRISON STYLE – ‘SANS’ LUBE right before Fashion Week hit.  Well I am so blessed to be a part of the “Fashion Indie N.Y. blog family” becuz they were right in the middle of the Mecca of style and fashion.  Check out their rundown for F.W. 08′.

The top looks and trends from NYC’s week in fashion. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi of Refinary 29.

 In a lot of ways, it was a week of fall fashion that we’re all likely to remember. While the celeb quotient barely registered (save Madonna’s Gucci party), the collections from some of our favorite designers and recent newcomers delivered the real star quality. We loved the gutsy exploration of separates, the new sort of modern femininity, the decadent mash-up of prints, and the exuberant use of off-season fabrics and shades (thanks, Marc). As always, there was plenty that didn’t appeal, too. But we prefer to focus on the positive…and all the looks we’ll be pining for next fall.

1. Grown-up Grunge—We’re not big fans of jumping on the band-wagon, but the nod to grunge this season could not be denied. However, it was the more glamorous interpretations delivered by Preen and Yigal Azrouel that revealed the real nirvana. Pairing big, bulky plaids with a sensuous silky jumper or giving it up in a sexy sheers seemed to hit the mark in a modern way. For guys, the look worked with a thoughtful play on layering (none of that rolling-out-of-bed thing). From left: Preen, Yigal Azrouel, Y-3, Preen


2. Bandleader Jackets—Strike up the band…and that sharply tailored take on the military theme we’ve been seeing season to season. Something about all those gold buttons makes us want to stand up straight and throw our shoulders way back. From left: Temperley, Robert Geller, Rag & Bone


3. Leather Trousers—Damn! We’re not big leather lovers, but these slouchy trousers are insanely tempting not to mention flattering. We adored Marc’s gun-metal gray version and Tim Hamilton even gave his a sweat-pant cut…brilliant. From left: Marc Jacobs, Tim Hamilton, Preen


4. Artsy Acid Wash—Ahh, Karen Walker. Season after season, we can count on the daring New Zealander to bring us something truly cool and covetable. These acid-wash pants skip the retro and go right for the purely modern. We love. From left: Karen Walker, Karen Walker


5. Track Pants—An infatuation with athletic gear has been around for a few seasons, but for some reason the R29 team finds this look undeniably fresh and appealing. A certain restaurant owner dear to our hearts used to wear his track pants with John Varvatos blazers. He should still. From left: Yigal Azrouel, Tim Hamilton


6. Rich Pumpkin—Every season it’s a new shade du jour, and next fall/winter is all about a spicy shade of pumpkin. In shimmery satins and silks, this new shade of burnt orange looks lush and un-trendy. We’ll be wearing it. From left: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Karen Walker, Halston


7. The New Gold—On the heels of the bolder autumn-ready orange, our second-favorite shade was a soft gold, a more modern spin on camel and perhaps the perfect neutral for mixing with all the black in our closets. From left: Donna Karan, DKNY, Ohne Titel


8. Emerald City—Yes, Green is Good. As long as it’s this completely perfect, dramatic shade of deep forest emerald. Proenza Schouler’s take was triumph. From left: Doo.Ri, Proenza Schoueler, Malandrino


9. Pastel Perfection—Marc, Marc, Marc. While his wanton use of springish pastels and exaggerated blousson shapes wasn’t entirely wearable, it made us forget all about the boundaries of fashion’s seasonal expectations. In his world, anything goes. And it usually works in wondrous ways. From left: Dries van Noten, Gianfranco Ferre, Just Cavalli, Ann-Sofie Back


10. Flight Suits—The slinky jumpsuits of season’s past have taken a more militaristic route this season…and we’re loving them. Once again, Yigal and Alex Wang got it just right. From left: Yigal Azrouel, Alexander Wang


11. Satin Dress Pants—References to the ’70s have been turning up less and less, but we’re loving the ever-so-subtle nod to Studio 54 in these modified silky trousers. Paired with Alexander Wang’s boxy blazer or Phillip Lim’s short cropped jacket and knee-high boots, these pants are no doubt millennial perfection. From left: Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zac Posen


12. Layered Lapels—Give us a big bold lapel any day. Alternately, though, we’re digging fall’s softer, more feminine offering with delicate, face-framing collars and pretty relaxed lapels. From left: Miu Miu, Miu Miu, Viktor & Rolf, Viktor & Rolf


13. Knit Wit—We totally love the return to sweater-dressing and oversized knits, but we’re even more in love with the brazen mash-up of in-your-face knits. Somehow, in all its technicolor insanity, it works. From left: DKNY, Ohne Titel, DKNY


14. Golden Oldie—Bold gold turned up in a lot of shows, but our favorite sightings we’re the ones in brilliant brocade. A little granny-chic and a whole lot glamorous. Who doesn’t want that 3.1 Phillip Lim coat? From left: 3.1 Phillip Lim, DKNY, Daughters by Obedient Sons


Images via Tim Hamilton images courtesy of Tim Hamilton.

 -Z’maji, “Sooooooooo friggin PISSED right now”


HauteBlog Has Technical Difficulties…..And Jesus Wept


<GASP><SHOCK><AWE>I know Amy, I know but you need to be more concerned about the rehab and such boo.  Sorry Fashnophiles,  my laptop is dead and I’m on the verge of commiting a crime to pay for a new one.  Nothing bad just armed robbery or check fraud or prostitution……..I’m very attractive you know.  That peice of trash computer is more dead than President Bush’s sex life,  you know that’s rigormortis dead.  I’m in the process of getting myself a new one and for fashions sake I think I’m just gonna splurge and get one of those new Apple MacBook-Air.  It’s so friggin beautiful and it would be a great new start for my blog.  I shall return with more fashion and foolishness for you very soon.  For now m’loves…………want for me!  Now enjoy this picture of white Jesus cryin and havin a tizzy.


-Z’maji, “What filthy acts of perversion do a brotha have to perform to get a MacBook?