Haute N’ Random: Sex & The City = Crack!


Here we go peoples,  a nice rundown of beauteous things to come from the upcoming Sex & The City movie this summer.  I’m so excited about this film that everytime I think about it……I throw up a little bit, and I quit purging a long time ago *crickets*.  We all knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fashion in the movie was gonna be enough to enduce climax but SWEET MAGNIFICENT JESUS,  I would never have imagined.  So for those of you that feel like the wait is pushing you closer to insanity here’s your crack,  you toothless crackwhore sycophants.  Drool.

 -Z’maji, “I hope Jennifer Hudson’ bosoms is exposed….”




sjp6.jpg      sjp7.jpg



4 responses to “Haute N’ Random: Sex & The City = Crack!

  1. Oh Merciful God, i want it al, the purses, The boots the shoes… OMG I want to cry it’s all so intricate and bitchy and delicious an I waaaannnnttt it …. like if it was made for girls with hips and stuff!!!

  2. and there’s the magic word Q, hips!
    They don’t make it for the curvy girls, you gotta have an eating disorder….

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Is it wrong to wish for one if it’d get me the clothes?

  4. Um yes…..yes it is wrong Q *squints*

    -Moderator Z’maji

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