Haute Newz: Heatherette Got That Rigormortis

* “Amazing Grace” plays in the background*
* Z’maji wipes away a solitary tear with an iridescent hanky and downs a 4th of Gin*
Well my beauteous Fashnophiles,  I heard it through the grapevine, and what sour grapes they are, that Heatherettes gone to that bedazzled resale shop in the sky.  I guess it’s not enough to put on really kool shows with sexy models in sparkly duds and jetset around the world doin body shots off ‘Manda Lepore,  It seems you actually have to move some product……..who knew?  Of all things to take out Traver Rains & Richie Rich, BANKRUPTCY!  I always thought it would be from a stampede at the tranny bar or bad Chai from Starbucks or a poisoned vile of glitter.
Well whatever the case they’ll be sorely missed becuz they were just a lot of fun.  I know that they didn’t really have anything you could actually wear and they never had a completely cohesive line and whatever they did make was always bedraggled with glitter but they were fun.  Good times……Good times.  I wonder what they’ll do now?  What if Traver became like a cashier at the local grocery, “price check on prune juice Bob, price check on prune juice”.  Oooo, and Richie’s gonna become a priest……..well, let’s not get carried away.
Seriously tho’, if no one else does, Z’maji will miss you fellas
– Z’maji, “Well fellas,  there’s always weilding a squeegee, washing windows on the intersection……….gotta pay the bills somehow”
Check out the recent Heatherette show from Fashion Week:
heatherette12.jpg  heatherette9.jpg  heatherette5.jpg   heatherette2.jpg        heatherette4.jpg        heatherette6.jpg    heatherette3.jpg  heatherette7.jpg  heatherette10.jpg  heatherette14.jpg  heatherette13.jpgheatherette8.jpg


3 responses to “Haute Newz: Heatherette Got That Rigormortis

  1. AW DAMNNNN Not only do i want the mens but I actually might need the blue number for my next, um, supermarket run??

  2. you think I can put everything on credit when they have their sale??? even the menses??

  3. …you mean their “everything must go cuz we broker than Mike Tyson” sale. I’m sure they’ll take credit, they might even take food stamps…..

    -Moderator Z’maji

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