Haute Mama: Black Don’t Crack!!!


Yes Ma’am. Look at Ms. Bassett givin’ yawl pose, servin’ you girls like McDonald’s.  Angie was scrumshatashous (captain obvious) on the red carpet for the premiere of “Meet The Browns” (it comes out Friday, go see it or GOD will let Paris Hilton release another album).  Yes Fashnophiles, black don’t crack,  it might catch a sickle cell or the diabetes, but crack……..oh no sir!   Now lust for her empire waisted, cream colored gown with the encrusted- keyhole bodice and plunging neck line.  I know some girls half her age ain’t never had bosom meats like that,  49 years old never looked MORE worthy of havin’ a stalker than right here…..right now…..

 -Z’maji, “I wonder if Lawrence Fishburne shows up in the movie to beat her……..y’know, for old times sake?”




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