Haute Magz: Ashton Does ‘Casket Sharp’



That boy’ clean!  He looks good and ready for a face-2-face to chew the fat with Jesus.  It’s like a mix between ‘Ethan Hawke in Gattaca’ and the Million Dollar man sprinkled with scientology chic for his feature in the quarterly men’s fashion bible magazine, V-Man.  My one problem with this shoot is that he’s wearing my shoes, those D&G white leather tennis shoes……such a good reason to commit armed robbery, be afraid *squints*.  As much as people try to make Ashton just another ‘perty’ face, he’s actually a talented actor and a savy business man what with his ventures into film and t.v. production………..of course doing “Punk’d” didn’t help that image in any way but he’s growing – baby steps, baby steps.

-Z’maji, ”  Um Demi, uuuuuh, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to let children wear all white” *crickets*

[perused at http://www.dlisted.com/ ]






2 responses to “Haute Magz: Ashton Does ‘Casket Sharp’

  1. Clean shaven he is doable… with beard anything (since he can only grow three assorted whiskers) he looks like Gary from Team Amrican in his “arab” disguise

  2. tee hee,

    *singing* Team America, F Yea, We’re here to save the Motha****in’ Day Yea!!!

    -Moderator Z’maji

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