Wardrobe Malfunction: Christina Still Can Get It, buuuuut…



Chrisi, Chrisi, Chrisi. 

I don’t even care about PETA.  I mean they can go suck it right along with all the other people that would take out a family of six in a mini-van to save a stray mutt on the freeway,  but you must be sniffin’ high grade latex paint to wear AAAAAALLLLL that dead cow…….ANYWHERE!  You look like you skinned poor Elsie with your own finely manicured hands cuz you’re seriously channelin’ vampire bloodsucker,   IT GOT YOU LOOKIN’ SO CRAZY RIGHT NOW. 

You betta be glad I love me some you, I mean I would take out that family of six on the freeway to save you but I can’t go for these kinda of foolish dealins’.  Therefore, becuz you so phoine,  I will officially ‘let you make it’……..but don’t wear that no mo……NO MO!

-Z’maji, “Call me when you bury what’s left of that cow….”

* perused at http://tnhott.blogspot.com/ *


4 responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction: Christina Still Can Get It, buuuuut…

  1. It was like a magical scroll down surprise fug-by-the-minute

    Attrociously tacky

  2. Preach Q!

    Leather Suits is not the bidniss…slay her now!!!

    – Moderator Z’maji

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