Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘Da Fool’ In The Monarchy


It looks like a gaggle of mangy crows and a bedazzled herd of trannies died to make this dress………..and then her majesty picked a few pink roses and decided to bootleg a handbag, do it Miss Monaco giiiirrrl.  The Princess Caroline of Hanover stumbled her way into the Monte Carlo Rose Ball 08′ all smiles and giggles, totally unaware that her gay best friend stylist had set her up for failure.  Since I’m all up in her cracker barrell about what she has on,  I’ll refrain from making gardening jokes about her “handbag”.  Ladies, if you’re an older sophisticated woman,  it is unsavoury to show up to a gala flashin’ flat, liver spotted, old skool tiddy, I mean her own kin wouldn’t even pull her to the side and help her out, that’s cold.  What is really gettin’ me is that she really seems oblivious to the fact that her bizniss is showin’.  I guess that open champagne bar started gettin real good to her and she said to herself, “I’m the princess of Monaco,  I wish ya’ll would say somethin’ bout my vintage tiddys”.  Of course she would have been the worst dressed there buuuuutt, 


^^Karl Lagerfeld (love him in spite of himself *the genius behind Chanel*) showed up lookin’ like ‘Beelzebub, Oh Mighty Prince Of Darkness’ and well……..well, Jesus wept.


Awwww, Whyte Jesus is weeping for her majesty……he truly loves us all.


Her Daughter however could get it and thrice on Sun’dy………


-Z’maji, “There’s a stylist in the kingdom that will be beheaded at noon tomorrow – SLAY HER NOW!!!”


8 responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction: ‘Da Fool’ In The Monarchy

  1. I had to make 4 attempts before I could finish reading this post. I kept getting stuck at the first pic and this line:
    “It looks like a gaggle of mangy crows and a bedazzled herd of trannies died to make this dress”

    You are killing me, Z!

  2. ^^Oh Wanna, you just made my day m’love! And I really do think there’s dead crow carcass intermingled in that atrocity!

    -Moderator Z’maji

  3. Charlotte Looks EXACTRLY like her momma looked at that age… the horsey I want to ride is Andreas thoth… Caroline is a mess but have you seen ANY picture of Stephanie and her “sleeping with the bodyguards and the circus folk” self??

  4. *In Sophias voice from Color Purple*

    Miss Q, I loves you, Gawd know I do, but I kill ya dead if you ever mention Stephanie and her servant bangin’ wayz…..touch me!

    -Moderator Z’maji

  5. and she a brolic bitch too… if you ever need some change I suggest to hoof it to Monaco and get your fine self to her employ… I guarandamnedtee you that in nine months Monaco is going to be awash of mixed baby=ie

  6. Oh No!
    Not bangin for cash funds……..well as long as there’s none of that 2 girls, 1 cup foolishness goin on….

    -Moderator Z’maji

  7. Sweet Caroline was serious about that dress? Dayum, did she piss off her stylist?
    Karl Lagerfeld is like the neighborhood mechanic who does wonders under the hoods of everyone else’s car (a mechanical savant) but drives around in a beat up Pacer! WTH is wrong with this man?

  8. ^^PREACH CHOC’UMS, I woulda said he was rollin in a YUGO, but a PACER is just as bad…

    -Moderator Z’maji

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