A,B,C or D?: Kate Hudson “Tragedy Strikes The Closet”

Kate Hudson in a scene from her upcoming film “Bride Wars” looks like…….

A) a cheap hooker hoe trollop, flagging down clientelle.

B) the 80’s had bulemia and purged itself all over her.

C) a disgrace to her momma. (love you Goldie)

D) the perfect candidate for electro-shock therapy.

*of course I’m being mean for the just for the taste of it,  this is from the set of an upcoming film, Love Gol-………….Kate,  I meant Kate*


7 responses to “A,B,C or D?: Kate Hudson “Tragedy Strikes The Closet”

  1. Sweet God
    it was a scroll down fug like I haven’t experienced in a minute

    I Mean I Audibly gasped and pushed myself back BWAHAHHA this nosy bitch asking me “what’s wrong?”

  2. YIKES!! 😐

    Ummm, I’d say “C” a disgrace!! TOTAL DISGRACE! Movie role or not!

  3. @Q – yes, scroll down be damned…..and tell that heffa to stay in her own cubicle or risk a beat down

    @ Chocums’ – Her mother is not pleased

    -Moderator Z’maji


  5. ^^yes she does FreshFab, yes she does….

    – Moderator Z’maji

  6. She looks like shes a playing a role.. its not like she actually dresses like that. I mean for the money there probley paying her I would get dressed up in that too.
    Plus it looks like shes having fun with it.

  7. Yes I agree… really a strange style and combination. The image looks like “Just got you” LOL

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